Corporate profile


Sep,1958 Seishiro Yokoi established YOKOI Manufacturing in Osaka.
Oct,1960 Became limited liability company with capital 300,000 Yen.
Dec,1961 Capital increased to 900,000 Yen.
Oct,1962 Neyagawa factory was opened in Osaka.

The head office was moved to Neyagawa City, Osaka.

Aug,1970 Tokyo office was opened in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo.
May,1971 Head office building was constructed next to Neyagawa factory in Osaka.
Feb,1976 YOKOI HIROSHIMA Co.,Ltd. was established.
May,1977 Takamatsu office was opened in Takamatsu City, Kagawa.
Jul,1978 Nagoya branch was opened in Nagoya City.
Dec,1978 Seishiro Yokoi became the chairman. Shin Yokoi became the Chief Executive Officer.
Oct,1981 Capital increased to 44,000,000 Yen.
Nov,1981 Niigata branch was opened. In Niigata City.
Apr,1983 Sapporo branch was opened in Sapporo City.
Apr,1984 YOKOI OKAYAMA Co.,Ltd. was established.
Oct,1984 Yokohama office was opened in Yokohama City.
Dec,1985 Capital increased to 50,000,000 Yen.
Feb,1987 Sendai office was opened in Sendai City.
Nov,1989 Ueno factory was opened in Iga City,Mie prefecture.
May,1990 Fukuoka branch was opened in Fukuoka City.
May,1990 YOKOI KIHAN Co.,Ltd. was established.
Nov,1991 YOKOI MANUFACTURING Ltd. was authorized as an excellent company in terms of tax payment by the local tax office.
Apr,1992 Niigata factory was opened in Niigata City.
Mar,1998 Head office was moved to Kita-ku,Osaka.
Apr,1998 YOKOI MIE SALES Co.,Ltd. was established in Mie prefecture.
May,1999 Fire Hose was authorized by government.
Jan,2003 Iga factory was opened in Iga City,Mie prefecture.
Aug,2003 YOKOI OKAYAMA SALES Co.,Ltd. was established in Okayama prefecture
May,2004 Shin Yokoi was awarded the Emperor’s Medal (Yellow) for his contribution to the fire protection industry.
May,2005 Tsuge factory was opened in Iga City,Mie prefecture.
Jul,2006 YOKOI KEIZI SALES Co.,Ltd. was established in Siga prefecture
Mar,2009 Hiroshima branch was opened in Hiroshima City.
Jul,2009 Head office was moved to Kotou-ku,Tokyo.
Feb,2011 The official approval number of the firefighting hose exceeded 1million totals.
Jan.2012 ACT YOKOI Co.,Ltd. was established.
Mar,2012 Shin Yokoi became the chairman. Ryo Yokoi became the Chief Executive Officer.
Apr,2013 Head office was moved to Chuo-ku,Tokyo.
Apr,2013 Enrolled in Japan Fire Hose Manufactures’ Association.
Dec,2016 Hiroshima branch inherits business of.YOKOI OKAYAMA SALES Co.,Ltd.
Jan,2018 Become capital participation of J-STAR Co., Ltd.
Aug,2018 Osaka branch was moved to Chuo-ku,Osaka.
Mar,2019 Fukuoka branch was moved to Hakata-ku,Fukuoka.